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 Summer Fire Safety Tips

Barbecue Grill Safety Tips

During the summer season residents and visitors are likely to enjoy cooking on barbecue grills. Hudson  Fire  would like to offer the following safety tips for you use:

  • Keep children and pets away from grills, both to prevent burn injuries and fires that may be caused by tipping the grill over.

  • With charcoal grills, be sure to use lighter fluids designed for charcoal grills, and never add fluid after the coals have be lit. Adding fluid after the coals are lit often results in a flare up that may burn those near the grill.

  • With gas grills, check all hose and tank connections to make sure they are not leaking before using the grill. Small leaks can be found by applying soapy water to the hoses and connections, and then looking for bubbles.

  • Follow manufacturer’s directions for lighting gas grills, leaving the gas on for several seconds while repeatedly attempting to light the grill may result in a flash fire when built up gas vapors suddenly ignite.


Fire Safety Tips

Roughly 70 percent of home fire deaths result from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms. Smoke alarms are the great safety success story of the 20th century — but only when they're working properly.

Fire can spread rapidly through your home, leaving you as little as two minutes to escape safely once the alarm sounds. Your ability to get out depends on advance warning from smoke alarms, and advance planning—a home fire escape plan that everyone in your family is familiar with and has practiced.


Watch What You Heat

Do you like helping out in the kitchen and cooking up tasty snacks for your friends and family? Preparing yummy treats can be lots of fun, but it's important that kids who like to cook know how to be safe in the kitchen. These tips can help you figure out what you're old enough to do on your own - and when it's time to ask a grown-up for help.

Getting started - Before you get cooking, you need to get a grown-up's permission. If you plan to use a recipe, look it over with a grown-up first to decide what you can do on your own and what you need help with. And once you get started, never be afraid to ask for help. Even the best chefs rely on their assistants to help them out in the kitchen.

Helping out is fun - From mixing up cake batter to cutting shapes out of cookie dough, helping a grownup in the kitchen can be lots of fun. So if you're not old enough yet to cook on your own, not to worry; being the chef's helper is the most important job in the kitchen.

All kids are different - and a grownup should always decide what is safe for you to do in the kitchen - but here are some guidelines that you can use.


  • Get ingredients out of the refrigerator
  • Lick the frosting off of a spoon (yum!)
  • Mix ingredients together in a bowl
  • Pour liquids into a bowl
  • Wash fruits and vegetables off under cold water
  • Use a cookie cutter to cut shapes out of cookie dough

  • Open packages
  • Use a butter knife to spread frosting, cream cheese,  peanut butter or soft cheese 
  • Peel vegetables 
  • Measure ingredients
  • Stir ingredients in a bowl 
  • Set the table

  • Begin to follow a recipe
  • Open cans
  • Use electrical kitchen appliances, such as a blender, electric mixer, microwave oven or toaster oven when a grownup is present
  • Make a salad
  • Use a grater to shred cheese and vegetables
  • Turn stove burners on and off and select oven temperature when a grown-up is present
  • Help plan the meal

  • Operate the stove or oven without an adult present
  • Heat food up in the microwave without an adult present
  • Drain cooked pasta into a colander
  • Take a tray of cookies out of the oven


"Reproduced from NFPA's Fire Prevention Week

Web site, ©2006 NFPA."



Burn First Aid 


Stop, Drop and Roll to extinguish a clothing fire.

Cool a burn.  For minor burns, run cool water immediately over the burn.

Seek emergency medical help immediately for more serious burns.


Have a fun and safe summer!

The Hudson Fire Department