Hudson Fire Department
Hudson, WI



Welcome to the Hudson Fire Departments Kid's Page.

Below you will find a coloring sheet, a word search, and a few fire safety tips.


What would you do if your clothes started on fire?

Stop, Drop and Roll to extinguish a clothing fire.

Cool a burn.  For minor burns, run cool water immediately over the burn.

Seek emergency medical help immediately for more serious burns.


Crawl Low Under Smoke

Heat and poison gases will rise to the top of a room. If you stay low, you will be able to get out safely.


Matches and Lighters are Not Toys

In a child's hand, matches and lighters can be deadly. Use only child-resistant lighters and store all matches and lighters up high, where small children can't see or reach them, preferably in a locked cabinet. Teach your children that matches and lighters are tools, not toys, and should be used only by adults or with adult supervision. Teach young children to tell a grown-up if they find matches or lighters; older children should bring matches or lighters to an adult immediately.


Word Search Definitions

If you have finished the Fire Safety Word Search and want to know what some of the words mean, here is a list of their meanings:

Airpack - this is the fresh air firefighters wear on their backs to bring into a fire.

Axe - this is a tool we use to open doors, walls and windows.

Drop - the second part of Stop, Drop and Roll.

EDITH - this is Exit Drills In The Home, practice your fire escape plan.

Engine - this is another name for a fire truck, usually a pumper.

Fire Escape - this is a path or route to get you safely out of a fire.

Halon - this is a chemical used in fire extinguishers.

Hose - this is what firefighters use to spray the water.

Hydrant - this is where firefighters get the water from in a city.

Ladder - this is used to get to high places and on roofs.

Roll - this is the third part of Stop, Drop and Roll.

SCBA - Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, the same as our airpack.

Smoke Detector - this sounds an alarm when it detects smoke in your home.

Sparky - Sparky is the fire dog.

Stop - the first part of Stop, Drop and Roll.

Tanker - a large truck that carries water to places that don't have hydrants.

Wye - a tool that lets firefighters split one hose line into two lines.


Word Search Game

Click here for a word search game.


Coloring Picture

Click here for a coloring book picture to color.