Hudson Fire Department
Hudson, WI
Retired Trucks
These are some of the past trucks that have served the Hudson Fire Department

Engine 3162

This is a 1975 Ford C 8000 with a 3208 Cat 210 HP engine and an Allison Automatic Transmission. The body was redone in 1990 by Custom Fire in Osceola WI. It is a rear cab, St. Paul Style. It has side mounted pump controls and an 800 gallon water tank. 2  1 3/4 inch preconnects, 600 feet of 2 1/2 inch hose and 600 feet of 4 inch LDH. It has a 4500 watt Onan generator. The pump is a Waterous 1250 gpm 2 stage. This engine was retired in the summer of 2005, replced by the new 3162.

Brush Truck 3168

This brush truck is a Ford F250 4X4 with a Ford 460. It has a 250 gallon tank and rear mounted pump controls. It has 100 feet of 1 3/4 inch line and 150 feet of 1 inch booster line. The pump is a Waterous Model PB18, 250 gpm @ 20 psi. This truck was retired and sold to the City of Hudson Parks Department.

Hazmat 3169

Hazmat 3169 is a 1988 Chevy K30 4X4 with a Chevy 350. The body is a 1988 Smeal with side mounted pump controls. It has a 250 gallon tank, 1 - 200 foot 1 3/4 inch preconnect, 1 - 150 foot 1 inch booster reel and 1 - 15 foot 3/4 inch trash line. It also has a 5500 watt generator and 2 1500 watt stadium lights. It started life as a mini pumper for the fire department and was later moved to Haz Mat duty. On a cold, sad day in the late fall of 2005, Haz Mat 9 was retired and put up for sale, good bye old friend, you will be missed.

Engine 167 which became 3162 was a 1975 Howe Grumman on a Ford C8000 and had a 1250 gpm Waterous 2 stage pump and a 500 gallon tank.  3208 Caterpillar engine and automatic transmission.  Refurb in 1992 to the new body work.  Engine, tranny and pump remained original.

Engine 161 is a 1958 American LaFrance.  1000 gpm with a 500 gallon tank.  Continental 12 cylinder gasoline engine replaced by a Detroit Diesel at some point during the later part of its career.  It ran first due until 1975 and then second until 1991.

Ford Tanker previously 3165

Remembering those who have gone before us. 17, 31 & 22