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150th Anniversary


was a smashing success!

to the Hudson Community
for attending our Open House event!

Thank you to
the following for their monetary, food, prizes, and/or time donations. 

We couldn't have done this without you!

Market and Johnson
Brunton Architects

Custom Fire
Industrial Safety
Dunn Brothers Coffee
C1 Athletics

The Hudson Ambassadors
The Pepper Fest Court


hoseroll run final logo 2.png

150th Anniversary


The Fun Run started at the station with approximately 40 adults and kids present.

The breakdown of ages who participated was as follows:

Adults                            Kids

31-35=3                          0-3=3

36-40=2                          4-6=2

41-45=3                          7-10=5

46-50=6                          10-14=2

51-60=3                          15-18=1


The day was beautiful as the race started.  We had some that ran fast, some that ran and walked, some that walked, and a firefighter who did the race in his gear.  It was a great day to run!

bean bag toss clipart.png


The bean bag tournament drew in 8 teams and took approximately 2 hours to complete. 

Competition was stiff as Boss of the Toss went against FNG & Chad in the final competition for First Place.  After a tough few rounds of making that bean bag fly, Boss of the Toss came out ahead with 3 bags out of four landing in the center hole in one round, the fourth bag landing with a solid thwack on the wooden board, pushing them to the finish line.  3rd Place went to The Old Sacks.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners took home a bean bag trophy.

Congratulations to the winners!

parade truck old photo people removed_edited.jpg


Fire Truck Display

We had multiple old and some new fire trucks come to display their apparatus for kids and adults to enjoy.  We want to say Thank You to those that participated and took time out of their day to bring a truck for display.  

Ellsworth Fire Department

United Fire - Baldwin

Custom Fire - Osceola

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